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Sustainability Standards

What is sustainability?   
Sometimes used interchangeably with the term corporate social responsibility, the most widely accepted definition of sustainability that has emerged over time is the “triple bottom-line” consideration of 1) economic viability, 2) social responsibility, and 3) environmental responsibility. 
There is no law requiring sustainability reporting, but the world is aware of the responsibility for stewardship reporting and compliance.  There are several different standards in use and under consideration.  The primary standards include GRI, Connected Reporting Format, and AccountAbility with various standard setting bodies evaluating consolidating frameworks. 
Today's social responsibility is tommorrow's requirement.  Early adoptors are learning there is a true economic benefit to operating in a sustainable environment.... sustainability drives profitability.

Environmental and Technical

Financial Management

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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

If you are new to CSR, feel free to call us today to find out how LakeShore can assist you in establishing benchmarks to compare against your competitors and industry peers.  LakeShore can assist in setting up your program, establishing the appropriate KPI's for your industry group and establishing achievable, sustainable targets.  Some of the reasons why you may need to generate a sustainability report include:
     - Compliance requirements for government engagements
     - Directives and guidelines set by industry standards
     - Supply chain social responsibility compliance
     - Stakeholder requirements - investors, lenders, directors, ect..

Environmental Risk Exposure

Stewardship responsibility does not end with the sustainability report.  LakeShore's capabilities go beyond the expectations and we can assist in ensuring all your compliance reporting objectives are met.  Some of the areas we cover include:
     - Assessment of environmental risk exposure
     - Disclosure under GAAP
     - SEC disclosure requirments
     - Tax consequences of environmental assets, liabilities and risk
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Call LakeShore to discuss your individual responsibility for sustainable reporting.  As the United States moves forward in the green economy, sustainability reporting will play a major role in the supply chain and will soon have  standards promulgated that will set mandates to be followed for standardized financial reporting.
Stay ahead of the competition.  Call LakeShore Global for a consultation on how we can help you get your sustainability program started, or audited at minimal cost and maximum effectiveness.
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Resources for Sustainability Reporting

IFAC Sustainability Framework 
- Guidelines for Materiality and Choosing