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Engineering Services
Efficiency Products in Action

Efficiency Specialists

Verification Services
• Additionality testing
• Emissions Calculations
• Environmental policy review
Engineering Consulting
• Six Sigma program implementation
• Production expansion planning
• Qualitiy control testing/programs
• Facility testing and design
• Technical troubleshooting
• Work flow process improvements
• Certification/training program admin

Environmental and Technical

Cooling Technology
• No chemical additivies
• Zero GHG Discharge Process
• Eliminates Emissions
CAll for confidential discussion

Financial Management

Restructuring Advisory

HVAC Efficienct Technology
• 3 residential products available
• 30% energy reduction
• Production assembly line
• Commercial units available
CAll for confidential discussion

Residential Programs 
• Home weatherization and efficiency
• Solar sales and installation
• Demand curtailment programs
• Offset origination and placement 
• Financing available 
•AsK LakeShore how our residential programs save 30-90% of your electricity cost.
LakeShore Global
Austin, Texas
The Verification Experts
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Cloud Computing
•AsK LakeShore how cloud computing can save 30-90% of your electricity usage.
HVAC Efficiency
Water Cooling Process
Zero GHG Process
Electricity Storage
Engineering Consultants