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Capital Financing

Project Financing and Capitalization

“Innovation is the specific instrument of entrepreneurship. The act that endows resources with a new capacity to create wealth.”

Peter Drucker   b. 1909 

Environmental and Technical

Having recently pulled out of economic recession, investor appetite has been steadily increasing with private equity investments in cleantech opportunities over $500 million.  The Department of Energy and the Federal government shelled out a shocking $8.2 billion toward renewable energy in September alone. 
If you need operating capital, the outlook is strong.  There exists a high level of funds available through venture capital as well as federal and state grants.  For the mature companies, bank lending is brisk for those with good credit.
we have ready access to the capital markets to assist  in the procurement of working capital to meet the needs of your operations.  If necessary, we can access high risk capital.

Financial Management

Restructuring Advisory

Equity Investors

Private equity funding is available as long as you know where to look.  In addition to sourcing your capital investor, LakeShore can assist in producing the financial reports and analyzes that will be needed to close on your equity transaction.  We represent your best interest as a member of your team in negotiations with investors.

Govenment Programs

Did you know the Federal government is the single largest energy consumer in the US?  Almost a $25 billion prce tag in 2008.  Become registered as a GSA and be eligible for government contracts, grants programs, and other opportunities.  There are also various state subsidies, tax incentives, grants and rebates available depending upon your project type.
If you need assistance exploring your opportunities, call us for help.  We can share our knowledge or commit to the specific research you need for assurance that you are aware of all available programs to fund your project.
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Revolving Credit Facility

The Verification Experts
Whether you are refinancing and existing facility or requesting a new one, LakeShore can guide you through the lending process quickly and effeciently.  We have long term and established relationships with world class banking and financial institutions to meet your need for revolving credit, term loans, letters of credit, and mezzanine funding.
We have worked with lenders, investors and executives to obtain credit facilities as high as $84  million.  Utlize our financial analysis expertise to support your loan application, audit and negotiations.  Call us for a free confidential discussion.
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High Risk Operating Capital

Unfortunate circumstances or turn of events sometimes occur that create challenges in obtaining funding.  Our turnaround management team can assist you in preparing for and obtaining financing through alternative means.  Some of the avenues we have pursued and successfully closed on in the past include:
  • Accounts recievable and purchase order factoring
  • Distressed high yield equity investment
  • High yield convertible notes
  • Limited restructuring and lender workout
  • Debtor in possession (DIP) financing
Call us for a confidential discussion.