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Sales of Renewable Energy Certificates in the Voluntary markets continue to post year over year increases of over 40%.   2013 represented a significant turning point for the industry. Government stimulus throughout the year fueled the clean energy markets by as much as $100 billion in a single month.  This is a significant investment in United States industry considering a market cap of $58 Billion on the S&P Global Clean Energy Index for 2012.  Public acceptance of alternative energy sources  combined with the result of stimulus should fuel even higher growth rates moving forward.
As the market grows, so does LakeShore Global.  We  offer verification service for RECs, RINs, CO2, and emissions.  We are the Verification Experts.  Ask us to show you how we can streamline your compliance cost and improve the experience.

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Green-e Energy Verification Protocol

LakeShore is the fatest growing verifier of Green-e Energy products in the world. We are the best Green-e Auditor in the industry because we are focused on the renewable energy credit markets every day of the year.  Our expert knowlege of the Green-e Energy Protocol combined with our unique cost structure provides our large clients with an extremely high value proposition. Switch to LakeShore this year and realize a significant savings in audit fees.  We have seen client's reduce their audit fees by  over 50% upon engaging LakeShore Global. 
Our constant attention to the markets and a strong working relationship with the Center for Resource Solutions gives LakeShore the insight to spot opportunities in the market in time to take action.  We know the Green-e Energy Protocol so well because of the time we spent working with CRS staff re-writing the Protocol in 2009.  LakeShore's proprietary software reporting tool is specifically tailored to the Green-e Energy program and results in a significant reduction in preparation and reporting time for our clients.  The exclusive software available only to our clients results in simplification of both reporting and auditing.  Call us to find out how LakeShore can help you to reduce compliance cost and increase efficiency while continuing to maintain a sucessful market strategy for your voluntary trading program.
Our value does not end with the issuance of a report.  With major changes visibile on the industry horizon, you need an auditor with a diverse skill set in the global clean energy markets. Our broad based market focus and technical strength gives us the ability to easily guide you through any changes in compliance procedures or environmental cross market obstacles that might arise.  As new cap and trade schemes come on line, expect additional carve outs and set aside allowances similar to what was seen in RGGI.  Your auditors knowledge of the emmissions market as well as efficiency will be critical to the success of your trading program.  Take measures this year to ensure a seamless  integration towards future consolidated electronic registries.  As cross functioning product markets continue to converge, LakeShore stands out with the optimum skill set of financial, engineering and information technology expertise needed to assist your organization in reaching the next critical milestone.

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Independently Certified REC Portfolios

Often contractual requirements mandate certificates need to be Green-e certifiable.  If you are not a Green-e Participant, we can still accomplish this for you.  Because of our expert knowledge of the Green-e Energy Protocol for Renewable Energy Certificates, we can custom tailor a program to meet your contractual requirements.  As compliance costs continue to rise, many of our customers have found this be be a cost effective alternative to obtaining broader portolio certification.  Independent certification of RECs is becoming increasingly acceptable and our price for this service is very reasonable.  You can rest assuredly knowing that pre-verified environmental products are used in the transactions critical to the success of your sustainability programs.
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Individual Transaction Certification

Biomass facilities represent a higher risk fuel source for failing to meet the qualification for classification as a renewable facility.  Strict rules are in place regarding biomass facilities, so we recommend consultation with an expert if there is any uncertainty regarding the transaction.  Feel free to call us to discuss any transaction before or after it occurs.  We have experience working with biomass repowering and certification as well as certifying unregistered facilities.  LakeShore can perform the due diligence required to ensure your purchase will qualify as a certified transaction. 


Facility Certification

LakeShore can assist you in obtaining the appropriate certifications to ensure compliance with industry standards or state/federal registration requirements to ensure facilities are properly classified and certified as a qualified renewable facility.
Need an Ecologo Certifcation? Call us to discuss how we can streamline the process for you and help to reduce barriers to international trade.   We are working with our Canadian counterparts to help break down barriers that restrict international trade of RECs.

Federal GHG Programs

As part of the Federal Energy Management Program directives, US government facilities have been a major purchaser of RECs recently.  The federal guidelines for these purchases require verification in order to close the sale and LakeShore has performed these types of verifications.  If you are securing a federal contract for the sale of RECs to a Federal or State agency, call us.  We have streamlined the process and can get your transactions verified quickly and efficiently at a very reasonable price for your government contracts.  If you have a government contract requiring verfication, call us.
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